Monday, December 15, 2008

Our visit to the North Pole. . .

I have been so excited to take my girls to see the Jolly Ole Elf that I haven't been able to get to sleep for 3 nights! I feel so blessed that Finn is here this Christmas that I am just a walking tear factory. Miracles are real and they are available to the lowliest of us. My heart is still full of gratitude.

In San Diego, there is but one of Santa's helpers that is worthy of lap sitting. He has a quaint little house, a real white beard and the loveliest British accent to enjoy as he asks the children what's on their list. Did I mention his blue eyes? (I think I may have a crush on Santa!)

We tried to see Santa on Saturday but got there late and the line was down the mall and around the corner. Oh - and then the rain started. Bag that! So this morning (Monday) I made sure we got out of the house (again, in the pouring rain)and got there at 9:30 to be first in line. Well - we were still first in line at 10:00 because no one in their right mind would have their kids out to Santa in the pouring rain but me!!

Paul got Finnie to smile and Angie just is incapable of taking a bad photo so it went well. Merry Christmas to everyone!!


Shanna Grimes said...

Cute pic! The girls look great ;)

winspears said...

Love it!!!! That Finn is sooo yummy!

Cindy said...

I love the picture! And the Santa, we always go see that one. I love it when he just wears his plaid vest and you feel like your just hangin out with him.
See you Saturday!

Elizabeth Lynn said...

awww!! Your girls are to beautiful! and such a sweet lookin Santa. hahaha

Gia said...


I agree with you, prayers and miracles do happen. What a blessing!!!
Peace and blessing be with you and the family during this season.

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