Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Baseball anyone???

Fitness Fundraising Friends is hosting a fundrasier for Finnie's pool. On Saturday Sept 25th you can attend the Padres VS the Cincinnati Reds and support Finnie while having fun with your friends and family!. Tickets are the same price as the box office - $18. If you want to come to the tailgate they are sponsoring the tickets are $30 for both the food and the game. I can also send you the flier and you can take it to work, sell some tickets, and go as a group! The tickets are a tax right off as well. All tickets will be handed out a week before game time. Please contact me if you are interested. We have a lot of 500 tickets we can sell and would love to sell them all.
 Thanks for all of your support!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Finnie & Ricochet

Ricochet and her owner Judy, have been amazing in helping Finnie earn her pool. Here is the video that Judy made that has been circulating the internet. Thank you Judy!!
Finnie & Richochet - An Extra Ordinary Miracle Fundraiser

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Thanks to all of you!

Finnie's Fundraiser "Swim with Finn," was a great success! They raised over $1500.00 dollars that day to go towards Finn's pool. I appreciate all of the hard work they went to for the advertising, decorating, amazingly yummy food etc.! It was so fun and just wonderful. Finnie got to swim and so did the dogs! The Gold party was a success - thank you for cleaning out those jewelery boxes! The raffle was a great addition and thank you to all those who participated and donated to it.
We are almost at the half way point for her pool. It's something that we just couldn't do without your help and we are more than appreciative! Special blessings to all of you - we are here to help you with anything you need as well! They say it takes a village to raise a child but I feel like we have a whole metropolis on our side! WE LOVE YOU!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fundraiser Details

Here are the details from the fundraiser flier that our friends have put together. We are so excited to attend and know how much work they have put into the event. We feel so blessed to have such wonderful people in our life. (They are still looking for some raffle prizes so if you have any hook ups for gift cards/certificates, services, products etc. please contact them)
The "Give Forward" site that they created for Finn has already raised over 11% of what we need for the therapy pool. This dream is surely becoming a reality for our little girl and there just aren't words enough to thank ALL OF YOU!! We love you...

This is NOT your mother’s fundraiser!!

Here is an incredible opportunity to come to a fundraiser for Finnley and actually walk away with more cash than when you arrived. In fact, the more cash YOU leave with, the bigger the percentage payout goes to the Finnley Kate Fund.

1st gather your old gold jewelry: necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, single earrings, broken
items, white gold, platinum, sterling silver & even dental gold

it to the family BBQ on Saturday, July 31st, 2010
11:00am until 7:00 pm (Open House style)
Cindy Cathie’s Home
11143 New Morning Rd
La Mesa CA 91941

Win one of our amazing raffle prizes
Enjoy some great food and drinks
Swim w/Finn
(bring your suit and towel, lifeguard will be present)
Fun games & treats for the kids - ways for them to feel like they are helping too!

YOU will be contributing to the fundraiser without having to open your wallet (except maybe to buy a raffle ticket!) We just ask that you spend a few minutes going through your jewelry box, to find some old broken and outdated items you don’t wear anymore and bring them to the party. Its that simple and fun. You will get to leave with cash in your pocket and at the same time we will be earning money for Finnley’s therapy pool!

NO gold? Ask an aunt, grandma, co-worker - spread the word! In state, out of state, facebook - anyone you can think of that can help! Invite your friends and neighbors!!
(You can even get a widget from the "give forward" site for your blog or Facebook account to share with all of your friends and family!) If you cannot make it on that day, you can still participate, sell your gold, get your cash, and help Finnley! Contact us for details.

[technical details:]
We will have present a licensed, bonded and insured organization that will pay top dollar for your old gold. They test & weigh the gold in front of you, and if you agree to their price you get paid in cash on the spot. If you don’t accept the offer, you simply take your items back home.
There is no obligation to sell your items. Each person can keep the money they get from the sale of their gold. The "Finnley Kate Fund" will get a percentage of the total of the party.

RSVP # of guests to:
Cindy Cathie (619) 987-3450
Brit Mann (619) 669-5204

Don't miss out on the FUN and the chance to make a big difference in this little one’s life!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another Pool Update...

Hey all - Some of my friends are going to be hosting a fundraiser for Finnie's pool next month. I don't have all of the details yet but they will have a website up about it before to long. I know that part of it has to do with old Gold and Silver that you may have taking up space in your jewelry boxes... I couldn't be more appreciative of them putting so much time and effort into helping our little one. Brit took some new photos of her and Finnley looks so old! I will post them once I have them - Brit is a bit busy with a new baby!! Congrats!! More news to come.. Love you - Care

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pool update

Hey all - I am assuming we didn't win the pool since Publisher's Clearing House type people didn't show up with balloons at my door! BUT - I have filled out the special needs paperwork for their pools and sent it in. I am just awaiting an answer so I know how much we'll need to save. SO- thank you for all of your emails and wonderment's regarding the pool - it will be happening - just don't have all of the details yet!

Finnie is doing yummyingly well right now. Daddy can get her laughing and squealing to the point where we are all laughing just as hard. She continues to have her therapy 3x's a week and we now attend a sensory class every other Weds. at a local school. We are still not sure just how much she is seeing but her hearing is PERFECT! Nothing gets by her. She adores classical music and it's one of the mainstays of our household(I am sure that just tickles my mom to death since she FORCED us to listen to Mozart and the Mormon Tab while growing up - she said she was bound and determined that we left her home with some culture!).

On May day - we planted our traditional flowers and Angie & I branched out and did small succulent gardens. We figured we wouldn't be able to kill them as easily! We found another pink & white striped Geranium so we planted that as well. I am still on the hunt for red and white striped Martha Washington ones - so if you see any...

Oh - we are having a HypnoBirthing Story Afternoon on Sat. May 22nd if you know anyone who is pregnant or thinking about becoming that way! I went to one of these when I was prego and it changed the course of my life pretty much! Oh - and San Diego HypnoBirthing was on the news last week! Fox 5 called me and wanted to do a story that evening on the 6:00 news. it was crazy! I had pretty much an hour to get ready and find a new mom to meet me at the Birth Center for an interview! It was fun but a bit nerve racking. Anyway - you can see it on my site if want a good laugh!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Too good to be true??

I just got an email from my friend Amanda in Wisconsin. She has been looking for the therapy pool for Finnie on various Craigs lists etc(nice to have friends that go above and beyond - so blessed!). Well - she stumbled upon this link - where we can enter to win one! Of course - the entry date is March 31st so we only have 3 days left to enter. I guess it asks on the bottom of the form what you want to do with the pool if you win so she put, "donate to Finnley Messer." It's the fastlane Pool when they ask you to check the box. I see now that it's an Ironman sweepstakes - guess we are training for more of a life for Finnie than just a race(I can't believe I just said the the Ironman was "just a race!" I could be so lucky to be as fit as all of those amazing competitors!). Wonder if a baby with special needs is the kind of publicity they are looking for with their contest - probably not???

She suggested that I enter to win and then send it out to all "my peeps" and of course - it sounds like a great idea! It's only one entry per household and we don't have a lot of time. If you would consider giving up a great summer pool if you win - to help the yummiest little girl ever - it would be a true answer to prayer. Here's the link below!
Thanks Amanda!! xoxo - Care

Win a Pool for Finnie! Click Here

Friday, March 19, 2010

Our next goal...Finn's therapy Pool

Anyone wanna buy some cupcakes?? I think I may have to plan the biggest bake sale in San Diego history for this one!!

We found blisters on the sides of Finnie's feet and couldn't figure out how she would have gotten them. She doesn't wear shoes so we were quite alarmed. We soon noticed that when she would kick in the tub - her legs had gotten to long - she was rubbing her pinky toes raw along the side as she moved.

Now that Finn has outgrown her bathtub where she was able to exercise each day, we are on a quest to save for the therapy pool. It may look like a party but it actually fits inside the garage(It is not a jacuzzi with jets - relax mom!). The garage is the best place for it so we don't have to sunscreen her pale skin every time we get her in it. Oh - and no bird poop in the pool!! That's another plus...

This may be our only shot at getting her muscles strong enough for walking, coordination etc. She improved so much last summer in the community pools that we know daily therapy at home can only triple that result. The base price is quite unbelievable for unemployed parents($10,900.00) but they do offer a special needs discount so we don't know exactly how much it will cost yet. Cost really doesn't matter at this point - Finnie needs it, so we have to find a way to may it happen.

I figured if I doula 19 babies, I can pay cash for it - it's just a bit irresponsible to that in 2 months time!! So - I am open to any ideas that anyone has! The woman at the pool company said that sometimes Kiwanis or Rotary Clubs help out with special needs equipment - know anyone that belongs to one of those?
The pool has a current that you can turn on so that it increases the resistance she will be working against. It's portable so we can take it when we move. And if she grows out of this one - WE ARE ALL IN TROUBLE!!

Any ideas????

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Two births in Two days...nope - Three births in Four!

Wow - wow - wow... My first two births of the new year came 1 day apart. Luckily a day is made up of 24 hours so I was able to sleep in between but WOW. I am constantly amazed at this path that I am on. What a sacred work it is to attend births. Seeing and helping a baby come into the world is nothing short of a miracle from heaven. Watching the strength that a mother and father are naturally equip with I think surprises all three of us at the time but yet we can sense it's been there all along. I use the word amazed a lot when speaking of birth work and births but I can't come up with another that describes the sense of awe I feel. I hope that feeling never goes away and they never become just another task to perform(if so, I am in the wrong line of work).

Each birth takes me back to Finnie's. I would do it all over again. Her birth was incredible and most fulfilling. A most wonderful experience that has shaped all of our lives. Finnley has such a true soul. Her sweet spirit has gotten me through some of the roughest days I've faced. What a blessing from our Lord to allow her to remain in my home. I don't take a second of that miracle for granted and only wish that everyone had the opportunity to be with her as I am. You can't help but to be changed by it from the inside out. Her birth is a many level miracle, not just one event, but continual.

Maybe one should not utter these words like these to tempt fate but I almost welcome hard experiences now. Facing them, working through them is how we grow and become. Running from them only prolongs, drags out and hurts us worse. It can also hurt those we love. I don't like pain and hard things but I see the value in them. I appreciate the sweet, small moments in life that I took for granted in the past. I see that my scrapbooks reflect the little things now, not just the big events that take place. I keep track of the way things make me feel now - experiences that warm my heart or ones that tear it apart. They are all there for my growth and I savor them as wonderful learning opportunities.

I am learning to forgive myself and and others more readily and not to hold on to grudges and painful words. It's a process I am not perfected in - but I feel a change within me and I know the Lord is by my side. Heaven knows I have made many, many more mistakes than I care to remember and that I have hurt people in the past. I am so sorry for that and wish I knew then what I am learning now. If you are one of those people, I am truly sorry for any hurt or upset I have caused you. I have also learned that when people aren't what they seem, or when you are finally open to seeing them for what their actions are displaying, it is okay to let them go and move on with your life. Holding on to damaging relationships doesn't help either party.

I see my life on a path that is moving towards positive and healthy changes. My vision board helps refocus me visually on that road. It's a conscious effort on my part and I have to realign my thinking and actions daily. But I am working towards moving forward and daily change must be constant. You have to be open to it and embrace it. I can feel a difference in days where my heart and mind are not present and working together. I don't feel it is a coincidence that negative influences are being replaced with people whose presence I am astounded to be in. There is so much we can learn from one another. Getting involved with my Birthing work is bringing wonderful, open people into my life who are on a similar journey. I learn from them while they learn from me. I had a private class the other night with people that are nothing short of incredible.

...fastforward...rewind...I put my post on hold so I could take Finnie to her Dr. appt. Here is how the day unfolded...
After a very stormy night - wind, rain, hail and wind - Finn had her tri-annual
Neurology appt. Paul stayed home to get some rest since he was up most of the early hours with her, so off we went. The rain was horrible and driving made me nervous with my little yum yum in the back seat. Parking was a joke and of course all of the Handicap spaces were taken. We parked in the FARTHEST spot in the lot around the back of the building. I thought about getting the stroller out but it was too rainy and our umbrella wouldn't have covered the stroller.

As we get inside the building, the elevator is out. Our doctor is on the 5th floor. I thought - I can do five flights of stairs. Jumping in without really thinking things through has always been a problem for me. By the 3rd landing I was near a heart attack. My purse weighs about 15lbs., Finn weighs 24lbs., the diaper bag about 5lbs and we had a bulky blanket & long umbrella with us. Hmmmmmmmm. Yeah - should have rescheduled! But that brings it's own issues so I continued climbing. Finnley enjoyed the bumping and panting - she giggled most of the time. As I came to the check in desk, I had to take five minutes and catch my breath - or should I say find my breath. I considered passing out but who would take care of Finnie? I got a grip and asked them when the elevators would be fixed. They said they had been out all morning and most people had called and canceled before they attempted the stairs. Smart people...

After our appt. the doctor asked us to go to the hospital lab across the street to get a bagged urine sample. He could see how frazzled and tired I was and the weather was only getting worse - he apologized but said it had to be done. So, we packed up and began our descent down the five flights of stairs. I was surprised that it was almost as hard because her blanket kept getting in the way and I was really struggling with not falling to our death! As we got outside - the wind was everywhere! The rain was coming down so hard with the wind that I didn't dare open the umbrella so I threw the blanket over Finn and headed for the car. Oh - did I mention that I wore flip flops? Slippery flip flops that made the walk impossible. It still gets worse... As I was rounding the corner, my pants fell to the ground! To the ground! There I was, standing in my undies for all the world to see - rain, wind, baby, diaper bag, purse, blanket and umbrella taking up all of my hands! I knew if I let go of everything I would drop Finnie so it took a moment to think about how I was going to do this. I swore in my mind and then I began to laugh. If people were watching me - what a show!! I managed to transfer everything but the umbrella to my right hand and I slowly lowered myself down to grab my waistband. By this time(it seemed like forever)my legs and jeans were wet so it took a good 30 seconds to inch them up. My balance was off and Finnie was squirming all over the place and I was losing my grip on the lot of them. It was horrible and absolutely hysterical all at the same time! I scooted my way back to the car. We were all wet and soggy by the time we got in.

I was tired and crying by this time and knew we still had another building to tackle. You'll never believe that their power across the street was out as well - so NO ELEVATOR!! This building had an open stairway and rain was pouring over the drain-spouts in gallon sized dumps. I tried to keep Finnie from the brunt of it but we were soaked but the time we got inside. The lab was standing room only and there was just NO way I was going to wait for two hours like this! Oh - did I mention that Finn had been fasting? Yeah - she was not the most amiable baby by this point. I asked for the urine bags to take home and headed for the stairs - again. This time, I had to keep a hold of my pants while walking because they were even more heavy and stretched out from the rain. I guess I have lost some weight. I knew they were a little baggy when I put them on - but come on! When we got into the car, I paused for a minute to catch my breath before starting the car. My phone rang at 12:42- it was my last January mom telling me that her water had released and that she was waiting for the surges(contractions) to start. WOW!!!

I got Finnie home, dried her off and Paul started feeding her. I jumped on the shower so that I could re-group and be presentable for this next birth. I threw the pants into the donation pile...

I baked cookies for the midwives since her surges were just getting going. She felt relaxed so she said I didn't need to rush over. By 5pm, she said she was still doing fine but that they were about 4 minutes apart. We decided that I should call the photographer and meet there at 6:00. We both arrived and found mom relaxing to her CD on the bed with dad by her side. She was talking and laughing in between and felt calm and upbeat. We left for the birth center a bit before seven and baby was born just after 8pm. It was an amazing water birth and she and her husband delivered their own baby! To say it was incredible would be the biggest understatement of the year! The photos turned out beautifully and I am so excited that this mom is letting me post her birth story slide show on my website.

It was a sacred ending to a roller coaster day. I am very thankful that I was able to attend all three births in the four days, not missing anything - feeling very well rested and blessed to be a part of them. These women were/are so strong and while all three births were very different - they ended the same. Strong women, making the best decisions for their babies and bringing a beautiful beginning to their childrens lives. I love this thing called life!

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