Sunday, August 8, 2010

Thanks to all of you!

Finnie's Fundraiser "Swim with Finn," was a great success! They raised over $1500.00 dollars that day to go towards Finn's pool. I appreciate all of the hard work they went to for the advertising, decorating, amazingly yummy food etc.! It was so fun and just wonderful. Finnie got to swim and so did the dogs! The Gold party was a success - thank you for cleaning out those jewelery boxes! The raffle was a great addition and thank you to all those who participated and donated to it.
We are almost at the half way point for her pool. It's something that we just couldn't do without your help and we are more than appreciative! Special blessings to all of you - we are here to help you with anything you need as well! They say it takes a village to raise a child but I feel like we have a whole metropolis on our side! WE LOVE YOU!!

About Me

I am a mom of two beautiful girls. Our family has been greatly blessed by the Lord. His message of love and hope needs to be shared and my girls are a testimony of His plan for all of us.