Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nothing is by chance -

I truly believe that if the Lord wants things to happen, He prepares the way and opens the window. It amazes me each time that blessings manifest themselves in my life. I am grateful and overwhelmed an in awe of His grace towards me each and every time. Since Finn has come into my life, I make a conscious effort each day not to take things for granted and to share love with those around me. There are people with much bigger problems than I have and I pray for them everyday. I thank Heavenly Father for reminding me of this constantly.

This week has been remarkable but today was an amazing day! The week began with a wonderful therapist(Debbie)hooking me up with a teacher that specializes in Finn's eye disorder. She is the expert for San Diego and she'll be coming to my home in two weeks. She will teach me how to work with her and increase the vision that Finn already has. I am so excited to meet with her that I'll probably forget all of the questions I have for her! What a blessing. I don't know how I would have found that contact on my own. So, a little help from heaven and the window raises... I also got my advertising 4X6 postcards for Careful Scanning in the mail Wednesday in time for the Scrapbook Expo this weekend. Jeffery Whitehead from Fridgeworks did an AMAZING job on them and they look wonderful! And then to top it all off, Finn's baby book came from Heritage Makers(a week early) and it's better than I can imagine! SO cute and of course, it's in black & hot pink! It was a great week!

For the past few weeks I have been racking my brain trying to think of a way to give back to Rady Children's Hospital and thank them for all that they have done for us. You have heard me ramble on before about the nurses, staff & doctors and how incredible they all are. They are truly angels on the earth! Well, with money being tight, monetary donations were not going to be part of my plan. I joined Volunteer San Diego in hopes that they would have some project etc. and I did find one but it didn't seem like the one I needed to pursue for some reason. And then, a blessing in disguise - today - my friends car broke down. Why is that a blessing?

"M" was giving my daughter a ride to school when her car broke down on the freeway right before the exit to Rady Children's Hospital. For some reason, I was ready for work an hour early today(which hasn't happened in 20 years)and when she called to report that our kids were stranded on the side of the freeway, I was ready to jump in the car and take them to the school and/or towing company. It was even early enough that I would almost be to work on time. I got in the car and turned my radio on to FM 94.1 like I always do. For those of you who don't live in the area - the "Jeff and Jer Showgram" is iconic and a "don't miss" in the mornings for San Diego commuters. Jeff, Jer and everyone involved with the show are like family to us. They make us laugh, tip us off to great deals and make fun of everyone who needs to made fun of. We love them - I love them!

To my surprise, they were broadcasting from Rady Children's Hospital and talking about the NICU that Finn & I lived in for eight days. I immediately called the show, hoping to talk to Tommy, to see if there was anything I could do to help them. I figured I would just tell them about Finn and leave a message etc. But no one picked up. I was bummed. I grabbed the kids and got them safely to school and then was headed to work. But- believing that everything happens for a reason(I was right there and I am NEVER there unless I have an appointment)I decided to just drive by and at least drop my $3 dollars for lunch in the bucket. I pulled in, dropped in my 3 lousy bucks and saw Delana from the show. I asked one of the ladies at the bucket if I could speak to her and Delana came over. I meant to just thank her for helping out Children's with the broadcast. But you know that my mouth just goes sometimes and before long I was crying, thanking and showing her Finn's baby book. I was a mess and just grateful that I could talk to her face to face & tell her show thank you.

Well, she must have had pity on me and invited me to be on the air and share Finn's story. I parked my car and walked back over, the whole time thinking, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Is this how I am going to be able to give back. All I was thinking is how can I get people to open their wallets and give to this incredible place. I had no idea what to say and the nerves set in but at the same time, I felt relaxed. Delana couldn't have been more genuine and she is even nicer than she is on the air(if that's possible). I don't remember exactly what I said in the interview but the gist of it was that people don't know how great Rady's is until the crisis hits and then they'll wish they had given money to them all along. Paul & I have always said that if we were ever millionaires, that Rady Childrens Hospital would be THE charity we spoiled. On a daily basis, they give and take care our most precious children. It takes special people to do that I am SO glad that they are there. So if you haven't donated to Rady Children's Hospital yet this year - I encourage you to do it. No matter how small the donation. If everyone gave just three lousy bucks - what a difference it could make! Here is the link to the Jef & Jer showgram if you want to donate online through May 10th.

Once again - I stand in awe and my heart is full of gratitude. An amazing experience, one I won't forget and it was fun too! (Do you know how loud you sound when you have those headphones on?)God bless you all and thanks for your prayers for Finn's eyes!!


Cambria said...

I just made a donation to Rady's Childrens Hospital in honor of beautiful Finn. Thank you for sharing your story and inspiring me to donate.

Care said...

Thanks Cambria - you may never know who it helps but know that they thank you sincerely from their hearts! xoxo

winspears said...


Cindy said...

You crack me up! How come this doesn't suprise me!

Sue said...

You sounded great on the radio too, by the way...

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