Friday, May 22, 2009

The Eye Specialist Came...

This last week we had a WONDERFUL visit with a special needs teacher who specializes in vision. One of Finnie's therapists works with her at school and bribed her into coming to our home for a visit and we couldn't have been more grateful! I didn't get her permission to use her name so I will just call her J. She gave us a lot of hope for Finnie's eyes. She brought all sorts of toys and props to evaluate her eye sight and found that she is seeing quite well. Finnie just sees things from the side or in parts and with training you can bring those parts together. CVI is a strange disorder and kids see in a really random fashion.

J gave us a lot of different exercises to work on Finnie's tracking ability etc. Finn was responding to really bright colors and things that sparkle(is she MY kid or what?). Anything neon with say black spots or stripes work well. High contrast items help her to focus her attention. Angie has taken black duct tape and decorated all of her bottles, polka dots, squares, spiral stripes etc. Then while she eats it brings her eyes to the middle - it's really cool. Finn has even been reaching for things that sparkle or light up. We are praying that in time these pieces will fit together nicely and her vision will only get better. What a blessing to have people come into our lives that give us hope and something to work towards.

At her last eye visit the doctor just said; "Hmmm, not much change. Just schedule your next visit in a year." Thank goodness there are people in the world that take an interest in children as individuals and never give up! Thank you J - you'll just never know how much you mean to us!


Melinda said...

You are such a great mom! Grandma says her eye sight is getting a lot better and she was really happy about it too.

Sue said...

I've been thinking of you a lot, and hoping things are going well.

Warmest wishes,
Sue & the gang

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