Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pool update

Hey all - I am assuming we didn't win the pool since Publisher's Clearing House type people didn't show up with balloons at my door! BUT - I have filled out the special needs paperwork for their pools and sent it in. I am just awaiting an answer so I know how much we'll need to save. SO- thank you for all of your emails and wonderment's regarding the pool - it will be happening - just don't have all of the details yet!

Finnie is doing yummyingly well right now. Daddy can get her laughing and squealing to the point where we are all laughing just as hard. She continues to have her therapy 3x's a week and we now attend a sensory class every other Weds. at a local school. We are still not sure just how much she is seeing but her hearing is PERFECT! Nothing gets by her. She adores classical music and it's one of the mainstays of our household(I am sure that just tickles my mom to death since she FORCED us to listen to Mozart and the Mormon Tab while growing up - she said she was bound and determined that we left her home with some culture!).

On May day - we planted our traditional flowers and Angie & I branched out and did small succulent gardens. We figured we wouldn't be able to kill them as easily! We found another pink & white striped Geranium so we planted that as well. I am still on the hunt for red and white striped Martha Washington ones - so if you see any...

Oh - we are having a HypnoBirthing Story Afternoon on Sat. May 22nd if you know anyone who is pregnant or thinking about becoming that way! I went to one of these when I was prego and it changed the course of my life pretty much! Oh - and San Diego HypnoBirthing was on the news last week! Fox 5 called me and wanted to do a story that evening on the 6:00 news. it was crazy! I had pretty much an hour to get ready and find a new mom to meet me at the Birth Center for an interview! It was fun but a bit nerve racking. Anyway - you can see it on my site if want a good laugh!


Melinda said...

Wow! That video was awesome! Ummm, so you hypnotize them? They made it look like she became unconscious or something. Drew and I loved it. That is so cool that you were on the news. I wonder if it will increase your clients. Your awesome!

Sue said...

Cool video! You look great!

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