Monday, March 28, 2011

Finnley turned Three!

Happy Birthday to Finnie! We didn't go anywhere this year - instead we made an adventure out of a Target gift card. We did cookies instead of a cake - Angie made the candle out of a straw so Finn didn't burn down the house and we filled the playpen with balloons. I am pretty sure there are still a few of those balloons lurking around the house!


Mrs. Jarvis' Class said...

She is a beautiful girl! I lost your blog address until today when I found it. I was so excited! I have been sitting here reading about her for over and hour. I love reading your writing. You make someone have hope and faith again through your words. Thanks! I'm looking forward to reading more posts! You are a wonderful mom!

Mrs. Jarvis' Class said...

I am posting twice because I want to see if my other account works, too:) Sorry

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