Tuesday, August 12, 2008

6 Months Old!!

What a happy day - Sunday, Finnie turned 6 months old. Our hearts are full of gratitude to Heavenly Father and our lives are filled with love. Finnley is doing well and we couldn't be more pleased. Since we started using the oils 2 weeks ago, her smiles have been more frequent and they are the cutest things EVER! Her arms are really loose and her chatting is louder and more pronounced. She even went 4 days in a row without a single seizure. I pray that this success continues and I keep smearing her every few hours. Our friend Mike says the Frankincense smells like camel dung - great description huh? Well, maybe she smells like camel dung occasionally but if it works - I don't care. At least she's dressed cute while she smells like camel dung!

The "One Month at a Time" slide show is updated and I'll add a few more this month. The other treatment option that I mentioned in the last post is still experimental according to our neurologist. He did recommend a study that is recruiting right now, so we are looking into that. Not that we'll try anything - but we'll check it out and pray about it before we dismiss it. We just have to give Finn every chance possible.

We went to the beach for a little picnic on Saturday. It's the first time Finn touched the sand with her feet and she loved it. She just kept digging them into the sand. Angie, of course, found her book more interesting than the waves and buried her head between the pages! It's all I can do to keep her in books - forget about the clothes! She is looking forward to school starting in a few weeks but I'm not. We have had a really good summer with Finn and Angie will be missed during the day. Well, that's all for now! Our thanks to all of you - we love you!

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