Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"Hey mom - I gotta tooth in here!"

Finnley cut her first tooth on Sunday afternoon. Surprisingly she hasn't been that fussy with whole teething thing. (It will get worse right?) We spent two days trying to get a picture of it and this is as good as we got! When it gets higher the pictures will be better. She has another one on the way so there will be more "toothage" to see next time.
We are still using the oils(along with her medication) and she is smiling a lot more and even giggled twice this past week. Her arms are really loosening up and she just seems happier. Her seizures (knock on wood), have been non-existent the past two days and I am hoping that continues. I found out about a new possibility for treatment tonight while at a church activity, so I am online right now investigating. I'll let you know more when I know more! Thank the Lord for good friends who bring me articles, forward websites & doctors names and are looking out for our baby. We couldn't do this without you! Finn turns 6 months old this month - can you believe it?? Look for the updated slide show next week sometime! We love you all and thanks again for all you do...
Something that has really changed some life perspectives for me - an Oprah show believe it or not. She had Louise Hay on recently. Louise said - "Change your thinking and you change your life." I have been struggling with depression since Finn came. Even with all of the good and the miracles. I have a new journey to pursue. I don't know what it is but I feel I am on that road...

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