Saturday, November 1, 2008

The best Halloween EVER - -

For me, Halloween would not usually conjure up warm fuzzies like Christmas. In the past it's been a holiday more of excitement, glitter, fake eyelashes and a lot of red lipstick. (I LOVE to dress up and be as crazy as I seem to be the rest of the year) But there's an exception to every rule. I can't remember a better Halloween. It had all of those cozy feelings of Christmas with all the surroundings of Autumn.

Angie was so excited to be dressed as her Grandmothers dressed in High School. She kept saying, "I feel like I'm really back in the past." She loved her outfit and was in the best mood. Finnley was happy and smiling. She took a nap before we started the evenings festivities and it kept her just plain adorable!

I found myself with a heart full of gratitude to the Lord and His grace for another holiday with my girls. When Finn was dying, I mourned for all of the upcoming holidays and events that she wouldn't be a part of. I was so sad to think that she would miss the holidays with us. But she's here. Thank the Lord - she's here. Angie gets to share all of these moments with a little sister who just loves her to death. They are so cute together and I can't help but think they have known each other since eternity began. We are so blessed...

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Elizabeth Lynn said...

That's so sweet. You make me want to cry with your thankfulness. You're the best Aunt Care.

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