Friday, November 14, 2008

Unemployeed husbands are a BLESSING!

You wouldn't want your husband to be without a job - unless you have a baby in the hospital! So it CAN be a blessing in disguise... We had to check Finnie into Children's Hospital on Tuesday. She couldn't keep anything down and was getting dehydrated. We didn't really know how dehydrated until three different expert teams couldn't find a vein for the IV. Finnie literally turned into a pin cushion. It was horrible!! Finally, two anesthesiologists tried. They couldn't even get it in the jugular vein on her neck. They must have prayed at some point and ended up getting one to work at on her wrist. Poor baby - it made her even more miserable than she already was!

We think that her new medicine caused gastritis which wouldn't allow anything in her stomach - thus all the vomiting. We are still working on getting her to keep clear liquids down, then her medicine by mouth (which is now going into the IV) and then we'll work on milk. Once she can do all of these for 24 hours - she can come home!

You hate to stay in the hospital any longer than necessary cause people tend to catch something else and get even sicker! With her immune system suppressed I am a bit over paranoid!! So I appreciate those who want to visit us - but I would even more appreciate you not - hee hee!! Finn could use your thoughts and prayers however. And once we are home - Paul still needs a job!! Chat later... It's my shift!


Shanna Grimes said...

Oh no, sorry to hear that Finnie is in the hospital. Poor thing :( Hope you are back at home soon. Glad your hubby can be with you. I know that is always a struggle when Kay has to go in.

Cindy said...

I'm thinking about you a lot 'cause it helps to keep my own life in perspective. Hoping to get together next week? I need a Care fix. BAD!

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