Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!

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Brit said...

So cute! Happy 4th!

Melinda said...

You had a weird hair finding contest?! So fun. I want to go to a fair with you guys!

Michelle said...

Oh what a beautiful family you have! I was so excited to get your message - it's been way too long since we've chatted...your blog is awesome, I can't wait until I have a few extra minutes and go through and catch up on all the years! I put my email address in your mom's facebook inbox - email me your email address so I can send you an invite to our blog - I'm in Washington D.C. right now with Chip for work and I stole his laptop - I'm not sure what his schedule will be, but I'll try to check back online in the next day or two...have a great day!

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