Sunday, July 26, 2009

Not a LAZY summer...

To be completely truthful - gone are the lazy days of summer at our house! Along with work, I have been working on certifying for my Doula credential. My first workshop is next weekend and the reading has been endless - fun and fascinating - but very time consuming. I am very excited to begin attending births and am glad that Paul is able to be home with Finn while I get all my ducks in a row. It seems that the days speed by without enough time to finish what's on the list. I have been asked how my summer's going by so many people. I find myself wrestling for an answer. Should I be polite and say, "Wonderful, we are having a blast." Or should I tell them what the days are really like and make them sorry for asking?

Working under florescents is hardly the cry of happiness I long to share with people when the San Diego sunshine is pouring itself all over the beach right across the freeway from my job. It's been awhile since I haven't been able to just pick up and go to the beach with Angie everyday, or see a morning movie and then end up at the mall for some clearance rack school shopping. It makes the day even longer knowing that this is the face that Paul is working with right now...

Yes - Finnie is getting her molars in, her sleep pattern is off(to the tune of waking up at 3am) and Paul and Angie are ready for a break when I get home! In between the therapy appointments, we have been trying to slather Finn up with sunscreen and get to the pool 5 days a week for exercise. Paul gets us into the pool then runs Angie to swim or Water Polo, then returns, gets us out, loads the car and then we head off to pick Angie up. Then it's home for showers and food before bed. It's a family event, five days a week. The upside to the craziness is that Finn is getting so much stronger since she has been in the pool. I am VERY grateful to have friends working at pools that can let us in when they are there. A friend who lets us borrow her pool key on the off days and yet another friend who is fixing her pool so we can continue swimming after the summer season! THANK YOU to all!!

Week before last, Angie had her first water polo game of the season. Aunt Kim and Uncle Tod even came! We were SO proud of her we could hardly contain ourselves! She was so aggressive and even scored the first goal! Paul was VERY vocal and embarrassed the heck out of her. Here is the shot right before it went in.

Angie even threw another goal(or attempted) - but it went flying over the goal post and hit the wall. Even though they lost 2/15 to the other team, we had a blast! It is amazing how much stronger she is since last season. She is SOLID muscle. I guess if I was willing to tread water for two hours everyday(which I am not and never will be) I would be solid too. She is very dedicated and works really hard to improve. She will also do a swim meet at the end of summer just for a taste of the competition - this wasn't her choice but Paul convinced her it would be a good experience for her(more of a punishment or grounding but those are just technical terms right?). What will we do when we cannot so easily convince??

Good thing that we enjoy the water - pool, beach, bath whatever - we LOVE water. Maybe that's why Kauai appeals so much to me - well, that's one of the reasons! Finn has had a few myclonic seizures this past week so Paul & I are watching it pretty close. The diet has been working great up to this point and she just might be overtired.

Finnie is SO happy. She is truly joyful to be around. We can't kiss on her enough. I met a wonderful family at the pool last week that has a son with some of Finn's same issues. Joannie was a wealth of knowledge and gave me some more avenues to explore for Finn. She caught me at one of my weak moments and I couldn't stop the tears. I still find myself mourning for the life I thought Finn would have. She told me that it never goes away but it does soften over time. I hope so. I don't want to waste any of this precious time with Finn thinking about what could have been.

Every time you hug your healthy kid - give them one more. Health is more than a blessing - it's a gift. Joannie's little boy had 75 brain surgeries within the first two years of his life. Finnie is healthy compared to those results and for that we are so grateful. As long as our "wonderful state" can continue health care for Finn we can remain here in San Diego. That's really all that keeps us here with the high cost of living. If Paul gets a job here, we can stay -but if not - watch out! We may be camping out in a living room near you!! Love to you all...


ryan said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't think summer is the most relaxing time of year! I'm so proud of Angie for toughing out water polo, it's such a great sport that only the toughest of people can play. You go Angie!! Fin is addorable in her glasses. The kids all can't wait to meet her. . . maybe someday we will make it out there. Love you all and hang in there!

Michelle said...

You're a great mom! Look how happy your girls's all worth it huh!

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