Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summer's almost over??

Summer has flown by but August has just been non-existent! It may have been a little more relaxing if I hadn't started it off with a 3 day intense training. The first weekend of the month was truly a life changing one for me. I attended my Doula certification training for DONA(Doulas of North America). Doula comes from a greek word meaning 'woman caregiver'. Since everyone has asked - A Doula is a person that supports a woman and her partner during birth. I had a Doula with Finnie and knew after her birth that it is what I wanted to do. However, the way Finn's first year unfolded - becoming a Doula was put way on the back burner!

Helping women go through the birth process is an amazing journey. I feel such a draw to it and two years ago it would have never entered my mind. ESPECIALLY a non-medicated birth! Are you kidding me!? HypnoBirthing got me through it and empowered me to accomplish things I never knew I could. And even if medication is necessary or chosen, I am going to feel honored that these moms wanted me there! Everyone needs support during birth - the partners do for sure! I feel that having a Doula just takes pressure off the partner to enjoy the experience and be there for the mom. They don't have to have all of the answers and they have backup when they need some help themselves. I am excited to help.

Plans for becoming a Doula and the way to achieve it have all opened up at once and I am on the train now. The women that taught our group were amazing and I learned so much from them. I found myself crying most of the weekend and wasn't sure why until Gerri explained that some of us had things that we needed to heal from and that it was a safe environment to do so. Yeah - I would say I have a few things regarding birth that I need to emotionally heal from. The women that attended with me were so kind and insightful. We were paired up on the first day to observe one another and then give them a letter on the last day telling them why you thought they would be a good Doula. Linda, who had my name and whom I hope to stay in contact with forever - wrote me a poem instead of a letter.


When I first met Care
She said, “I’ll be bawling”,
I smiled to myself,
I knew she’d found her calling.

Her heart is open
Her experiences profound
They will help her help others
When their turn comes ‘round.

Care will be a great doula
I have no doubt
She’s confident, funny,
And wants to help out.

Though she’ll work in hospitals
It won’t be in Acute Care
She’ll be helping healthy moms
Being a Cute Care!

She’ll encourage them, empower them,
Help them have a great birth
Her client will tell others
“She’s the salt of the earth”.

Her business will flourish
She may write a book or two
She’ll guest speak the circuit
And be passionate too.

Her friends will be wow-ed
Her clients in awe
He family so proud
Even those in Utah.

She’ll be working hard
She might forget herself
At these times she’ll recall
“Scrapbooking will help”.

And 20 years later, Care,
I need to let you know
You’ll still be a “Bawl Baby”
Because you care so.

My letter to my "buddie" was not as creative as Linda's but heartfelt and sincere just the same. The educators who taught our Doula training are also holding a lactation counselor training on the last two weekends of the month. I will be attending that as well and thank goodness that it works with my work schedule! It is amazing when what you are supposed to do in life(other than your family) - finally clicks. Going with this momentum, I also have the opportunity to go to Florida next month and train to be a HypnoBirthing educator and then attend their annual Conclave. When I am certified I will be able to teach with my HypnoBirting educator as we have decided to go into business together. It will go along with my regular job and I'll get to help these women in the process.

I am so excited but have A TON of reading to do for both of these upcoming trainings. Oh - I almost forgot. I am also going to volunteer at UCSD as a Doula and have their training in September also. It is a very fast paced schedule but while Paul is able to be at home with Finnley - this is the time when I can be relaxed in my training. I just wouldn't be able to leave her otherwise.

Finn is still doing well on her diet. The only seizures we see are occasional myoclonic ones and sometimes, if she is overtired they keep her from going to sleep right away. Her therapists feel that we may need to switch to another provider of services that deals with older children as they have more access to different medical equipment that she will be needing as she grows. The thought of saying goodbye to these wonderful people is killing me but I know this change was inevitable. We have been so blessed with Finn's caregivers - they are wonderful people who have a special place in heaven!

My nephew Drew and his family came for a visit so we did actually get to the go to the beach once this summer! Paul & I had our 16th wedding anniversary on the 6th - not that he remembered!(I'm going to cut him some slack this year because he isn't following the calender while he's a stay at home dad - but he better make it up to me next year!)

Angie is still a water polo girl and it's so fun to attend her games each week. We should just setup shop at the pool - we are ALWAYS there. We have almost all of her school shopping done now and on her trip to Utah, Uncle Jon set her up with an new IPOD so that is her new favorite passion! So much for having to earn one!! She had fun visiting all of her cousins and grandma's and is looking forward to the social scene at her new school. Summer went by quick for all of us but at least so me of us got to enjoy it!


ryan said...

I'm so glad your training went well! Maybe florida will hold a special place in your heart now. I'm so sad I couldn't see you guys again before I left!

I can't believe you and Paul have been married for 16 years! It really doesn't seem that long ago that I was wearing a flower wreath on my head and sitting at your book.

Give my causins a hug for me!

Michelle said...

Sounds like you've been extra busy! Good for you - you'll do great! Hope all is going well for you and your family!

kim said...

That poem was amazing and a nice photo of ya too! Duela girl it is for you, a perfect match. Kim

winspears said...

so proud of you!!! i am missing fin...we need to get our kiddos together! bring them over and swim SOON!!!

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