Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Finnie got her Pool!

Hi Friends -
  It has been a long time since I have updated you all on Finnleys progress and her pool! I have been teaching 3 or 4 days a week and doing several babies each month and then came the holidays! No excuse - just the reason behind the craziness.
  BUT - just in time for the holidays -Finnley got the best present ever! Her POOL! It takes up our whole garage and that is just fine with us! I am able to get her in at least once a day and her strength is already improving. I had visions of getting her in the pool 6 hours a day but in actuality she can only tolerate about an hour at a time.
   She is doing great with the water therapy! Her limbs have begun to soften up and especially her left hand. The water temp is about 95 degrees and feels wonderful! It's costing us WAY more than we thought it would so this weekend we are working on insulating it to keep the power bill down.Thank you to everyone who helped us get this pool. It is truly another miracle sent from your kind hearts! I know the sacrifice that many of you made for her and it has not gone unnoticed.
   Finnie turns three this month - WOW! Time has flown and yet crept by at the same time.We will be losing our in home services this month and will be looking at therapy away from home. We are transitioning into putting Finn in Preschool for 1/2 a day, four days a week. I am not sure I am ready to do that but all of her therapists say I am and that's it's best for her in the long run. Our next step is getting her a wheelchair so that they can transport her to school each day. Luckily, that is something we don't have to pay for. We will have to pay for a Minivan eventually so if anyone has a lead on that - I am all ears!  As she gets heavier, a wheelchair is going to be our only option to get her around - my back is already shot! I wondered when the day would come that I could no longer hold my baby and I'm afraid it's right around the corner. She is a little girl now and I am having a hard time seeing that when I look at her.
   We found a WONDERFUL Naturopath - Dr. Mazza in Hillcrest. She is doing wonderful things with this little girl and is going to figure out why she is not sleeping. We start a new line of herbs tonight. It has been since January of 2009 since Finn slept through the night. We are all overtired and cranky! That includes Miss Finn!
   The Lord has His hand in everything and as I watch things unfold in our life that are truly mind blowing - I would be so ungrateful if I didn't recognize His great works. Thanks you once again...


Brit said...

I'm glad to hear Finnies doing so well! Preschool, wow! I love and miss you, Care. =)

Sam said...

We first heard your story from Ricochet - congratulations! It seems this pool is very healing indeed!


CSIAmanda said...

I just heard your story from Ricochet. but i work with children with disabiltieis so I enjoy knowing how family cope

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