Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Within the Eyes of the Granfather Whale...

Translucent as ice blue glass – his eyes offered me protection

Wrinkles and the folds of skin underneath that smiled in a peaceful, playful way

Trustworthy and steady - all is well – I am safe

Forgiveness for myself and for others is freely given while he looks deep into my soul

I saw his light as he shared in mine

I am whole and now present for others, for he opened up my heart for healing

The warmth of love under a chilled sea, encompassed my being, as I floated within arms reach of this giant

God’s work through God’s messenger in this heaven below the waves

So soft, so gentle, so massive, so enormous

The blessings of love and hope all within the eyes of the Grandfather Whale.

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kim said...

The tears are at both ends of the world - yours and mine. Am so happy you are there. All is fine here. Enjoy every minute - every second of being where you are suppose to be. lots of love, Kim

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